Sweet Deal (sort of)

 Written by Nora Isabel Cross.

Co-directed & Co-Produced by Nora Isabel Cross and Michael Toby Sanchez.  California- New Mexico

The more cautious of two screenwriters is amazed to find that his self-interested writing partner has an unexpected ability: to materialize alternate realities via words on the page. The best use of that power? Bringing a version of his estranged wife back into his life, obviously. Hijinks ensue.

More info and full credits available at Sweet Deal (IMDB)

Good Friends

Written and Produced by Nora Isabel Cross

Directed by Zanie Marudo

Script Editor Michael Anthony Cross

Project by SheFilmsLA

Summer 1970. Fans of a stylish vigilante gather together and get more than they bargained for.

More info and full credits available at Good Friends (IMDB)


Poster of the short film Good Friends. It shows the word Good on top, and Friends in the bottom. Between those words, the image of a ceramic sheep.

The Duplicate

The Duplicate (In Post-Production)

Writer and Director Zanie Marudo | Producer Nora Isabel Cross | Actors Johanna Garcia Valencia and Nora Isabel Cross | Sound Mey Chan and Meanopololy Tan | Production Assitants Michael Collins and Chris Jones | Associate Producers Monica Segura, Kristin Smith and Mike Kimmel

Project by SheFilmsLA

Poster of a short film. Blue color. It shows a street with a car on it and the title The Duplicate.