B.A. in Dramatic Literature and Theater, with specialization in Acting. Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. Since 2011 I’ve been part of multiple plays and live performances as actor, director, writer, and producer. Please reach out if you want to collaborate.


Written by Emily Brauer Rogers

Directed by Nora Isabel Cross

With: Remy O’Brien and Marilyn Sanabria

Logline: When two women get stuck on a cliff after trying to kill themselves like Thelma and Louise, they have to decide if they want to move forward or go back. Dramedy

Press mention: StageRaw

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Black and white photo of four women in front of a backdrop at Brisk Festival
Photo of two women sitting in front of a bookshelf. The image is from a rehearsal of the play Edge
Blue vertical poster of the edge of a mountain, and a woman falling down from it. On pale yellow capital letters the word EDGE. On the sides, information on the creative team.
On a dark blue background, the word Brisk at the center in white and blue letters. Above and below information about the Brisk Festival